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crossing the abyss trans void tours

putting the ID- back in IOT :)

Charons Ferry
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charons ferry is the vehicle which takes you accross the abyss(the river of forgetfulness)(the abyss between here and the after life) assuming you have the coin to pay charon.
as long as we are aware the coin is being interested, illuminated, or something useful

There is also many atribrute-taries, the one vessel can take you to many places,
the planks of the ferry are Just knowledge Our real aim is for each of us to contruct our own, we are not really directly dealing with charon here we are dealing with boat making, idea cache, a store house for ideas a place to converse and construct
a place to store on going project pictures, messages to the friends of tessax,

we keep it all fairly loose and friendly, welcome to the dry dock where charons ferry is stored off season...all magicans please inquire within.
and leave some trace of your passing, a mark a sentence, a story, a stroke, let us know you were here.
we find that sort of thing encouraging.
no rules just laws like gravity.
13, 23, 32, 93, adept, am between stations, animal husbandry, baldur, becoming, being, bifrost, bohemia, bridge, chaos, chaosmagick, cheo, concord, crafting, cube in the circle, dali, demeter, demons, diane, discord, dog star, dream machines, dream time, enoch, entheogens, ethnogens, freja, fungal communication, god seed, god spawn, hanyo, hecate, herbalism, hidden way, imagination, industrial, isis, kali, kami, lola, mage's, magi, magic, magick, magik, mandals, meme, music, mycophile, navigation, oden, orgon, orion, plant husbandry, psychomantiun, secret center, secret path, shamanism, shiva, solve et coagula, spear in the cube, spells, star seed, static, tesla, the abyss, the astral, thor, toad worship, traveling with in, traveling with out, vishnu, witches