mary (ecstacykat) wrote in charonferry,

this is some advice i gave someone else on keeping feelings achored figured post it here too

if this is a feeling you enJoy. You should give your self a tap somewhere. so you can bring that feeling up when ever its useful to you. like rubbing your knee in a circle,
or making a cross with your finger or crossing your finger. anything works. it will help remind you. just keep doing it while your doing whatever it is., or whatever your feeling. but focus on only doing this with postive things. you can ever write alot of sentences down like. how will it feel when i am able to ____? Won't it feel wonderful when i get____ accomplished like i accomplished___? and this can be anything from riding a bike to flying a kite. write all sorts of postive things and goals you'd like to accomplish and think about the feelings you get from each type of experience and try to relate something you've already accoplished and was easy for you to do. every skill/thing/experience in life can be your if you only use your brain correctly.
same thing with removing feelings you dont like.
you take the bad put it in a box, think of something you like/love feel good about and then put it in a box then put the boxes into one. with or without using your hands. doing an achoring like that. will actually produce postive effects.
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